PMM consultants are called upon to advise on a wide variety of needs related to the "business" side of medicine and health care. We are able to accommodate about 85% of doctors' needs and refer to sub-specialists when indicated. PMM maintains close contact and an active data base on all types of consulting specialties.

Common Types of Engagements Include:

  • Practice Start-up One Day Consults
    Available at your location or ours. Most solo physicians come to our offices, most groups have us come to them. You receive virtually everything necessary to start a practice, including confidence.

  • Medical Practice Appraisal / Valuation
    Wherein we provide a professional opinion on the market value of the practice. This is typically for practice sale, divorce, associate buy-in or pay-out, or group formation equity-balancing. PMM also offers consulting and support services to practice ownership transfer (practice sales or buy-ins or pay-outs), including candidate evaluations, pre-purchase practice surveys for buyers, negotiation support, and acting as confidential representatives for sellers wishing to remain anonymous.

  • Employment Offer Evaluation
    Encompasses a range of options. The simplest is to review an employment offer for appropriateness of compensation and terms. A second step would be to evaluate the employer's statistics to render an opinion on their success and ability to support an additional associate. We also can visit and survey the actual office location of the employer and interview them and staff on your behalf. (this topic is also offered as a course to Residents by some medical societies)

  • Practice Surveys
    Spending 1-3 days observing, interviewing and providing a comprehensive report of recommendations for change. These can take a general or topic specific approach. This is often followed up with telephone availability or a Retained Implementation Program. Written guarantees of cost-effectiveness are often available to clients. Most clients net at least a 300% to 1000% return on investment within 1 year.

  • Retained Implementation Programs
    Within which we provide ongoing training, counsel and support focused on achieving measurable results. These can be as short as a month, or as long as many years, by visit, phone, or a combination.
  • Practice Management Administration
    Provides part-time, high-level administrators to practices on a month-to-month basis, at a price affordable for even most solo physicians. (Available in Western USA only)

  • Group Formation One-day Consults
    We lead you through the majority of issues and decisions needed to merge or form an integrated group practice or small single-specialty IPA, ending with a structure that clearly defines how the group will look and feel, with a defined implementation plan and calendar.

  • Topic Specific Consults
    By visit or by phone can be about almost anything. Included in this category are relocation site evaluations, satellite office assessments, personnel policy manuals, group formation staff recruitment, computerization, physician recruitment support, office design review, etcetera. See our Articles Section for writings on many topics upon which we consult

  • Marketing Plans, Web Page Development, and Search Engine Optimization ("SEO")
    Most webmasters know HTML, XML, CSS etc coding -and maybe even Search Engine Optimization ("SEO"), but they don't know the culture of the medical community, or how patients -or potential patients- find physicians and their practices. We do! Click here for more information and a Free Medical Practice Web Page Planner.

    Within the implementation context we are particularly noted for our ability to dramatically increase profitability for our clients. Every factor of practice management is open to investigation and modification to achieve a smoother, more profitable practice. We do not used a "canned" or formula approach, preferring to tailor solutions to the specific needs of the client. There are a choice of acceptable solutions to many problems and we work with a client to determine which will fit his or her style of practice and contextual considerations. We believe in a balance of compensation, including variables of income, personal and professional satisfaction, matters of taste and style, time off with family, other interests, etcetera.

List of Services

Practice Management
* Managed Care Management
* Capitation Management
* Data Tracking and Utilization
* Cost Analysis
* Specialist Strategies
* Network Development

Marketing and Practice Development
* Internal Marketing
* External Marketing
* Brochure or Newsletter Development
* Patient Education Programs
* Group Expansion
* Image Development and Control
* Managed Care Marketing
* Professional Referral Base Development
* Patient Referral Base Development
* Specialist Marketing
* Seminar Development
* Monitoring and Tracking Systems
* Public Relations
* Advertising
* Profit Center Development
* Community Education Programs
* Strategic Alliances

Patient Relations
* Staff Training
* Patient Retention
* Communication Skills
* Treatment Acceptance
* Patient Appreciation
* Handling Difficult Patients
* Patient Education Materials Personnel
* Personnel Management
* Manager Training
* Hiring/Firing Assistance
* Budgeting
* Pay/Bonus Advice
* Employee Relations
* Personnel Policies Manuals

Retained Implementation Programs, within which we provide ongoing training, counsel and support focused on achieving measurable results. These can be as short as a month, or as long as many years, by visit, phone, or a combination.