Client Comments

The following have all provided references for PMM, and/or referred their members to us.
American Medical Association, (on panel of ConsultingLink for many years, also sells our books)
American Academy of Family Physicians, (on faculty and consulting group for many years)
American Society of Internal Medicine/ACP, (their West Coast consultant for many years)
American Academy of Ophthalmology, (on AAOE consultant panel to members, writes for their journals and speaks at conferences)
American Academy of Dermatology, (on business course faculty for many years, authors articles in their journal)
American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology ,(on practice management faculty)
American Osteopathic Association, (prior faculty)
Institute of Business Appraisers,
Urgent Care Association Of America,
California Association of Business Brokers,
International Business Brokers' Association (Keith Borglum was an interviewee for their national radio show)
Bank of America Healthcare Solutions (refers clients to us)
Wells Fargo Bank Practice Finance (refers clients to us, and sponser of faculty presentation on practice value at national bankers' conference )
California Academy of Family Physicians (repeatedly been faculty and contributor to publications, and two term Trustee of the Foundation)
National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants (Keith Borglum was a Director of a founding group and is repeatedly on faculty)


The following clients have been kind enough to publicly provide a reference quote.
Please do not further disturb them.
We suggest than most consultants can give you a few references to speak with,
but that talking to a few is far less valuable than overall quantitative consultant credentials and comments.

"Keith has been invaluable in starting up my dermatology practice. He is responsive, accessible, knowledgeable and- most importantly- incredibly supportive. He has given me the confidence and tools I need to fulfill my dream of building a practice founded on excellent patient care. I would highly recommend Keith Borglum of PMM."

Victoria Wang MD Alta Dermatology, Laguna Niguel CA

"Our new practice is up and running, and we are doing really well. Thank you for your counsel."

Thomas Langei MD Fairhaven Dermatology

"I consider this the best money we have spent so far." (practice startup consult)

Jennifer Davis MD, Point Loma Pediatrics

"Thanks so much for the informative consult!" (practice startup consult)

Terry S. Edwards MD Bozeman Primary Care

"Hey Keith, things are going pretty well! I've been busy doing all of the legwork for the new office. I have a location and it is getting built-out by a contractor as we speak. I modified the timeline that we created together, and I am on target. I've been lucky to have all of the resources you've supplied to me! It has made my life a whole lot easier. By the way, your recommendation for CalChamber was excellent; they have been an invaluable resource."

"Update - I'm swamped with the new practice, we opened only three weeks ago and are already cash-flow positive. Thanks for all your help!"

Nimesh Pathak MD, Lucent Vision

"Keith Borglum is absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend you utilize his expertise ...if you wish to start or optimize your medical practice. He is worth 20X what he charges and will maximize your start up efficiency and practice efficiency!"

Shino Bay Aguilera D.O. Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Institute

I set up a concierge internal medicine practice and hired Keith Borglum as a practice consultant. By far, this has turned out to be the best investment I have made in my practice. Mr. Borglum has an impressive range and depth of knowledge that makes him the ‘go-to-guy’ for everything. I have used his two books extensively in setting up office. In short, Mr. Borglum is a friendly, accessible, knowledgeable and indispensable part of my start-up practice. 

Robert Fliegler MD, VIP Medical Access

"It was definitely worth the trip to come and sit down with you for a startup consult day. I don't know if I would have gotten this far without your advice. It made the whole process of opening my own office so much more manageable. Coming to see you was the best startup decision I made."

Hilla Steinberg MD, NY Westside Eye

"Just a note to let you know that we had a fabulous and transformative experience in coming out to see you for the startup consult. We sure understand now why Dr Bronsky raved about you. We're thankful she sent us your way! Though we left our consultation feeling a bit overwhelmed, we definitely feel that we now understand the full scope of the project before us and -because of your assistance- we feel we have the ability to wrangle it all. The business plan with your numbers went to the bank today for the loan. Thank you for all your expertise, and for your kindness."

"Update - -We opened...ON TIME!! Had a soft opening as we planned in your office in February! Our office is beautiful and functioning well. We are both very happy with our decisions to break out on our own. We are PROFITABLE! A patient's parent called to let us know that the professor at the local university actually used Acorn Pediatrics as an example of effective marketing! You certainly get some credit for that! We would more than happy to be a reference anytime for the amazing work you do."

Susan Daniels MD and Sheila Idzerda MD Acorn Pediatrics

"For those of you thinking about starting your own practice, don't do it without speaking with Keith Borglum at PMM. He was recommended to me by Medical Economics Magazine. They highly recommended the need for a practice management consultant to help guide me through the maze of solo private practice start up and Keith was their guy. He consults for numerous professional organizations in this area. I called, we made an appointment , and off I went. During nearly 12 hours of sitting face-to-face with him, he went through all the steps needed, and put me on a schedule that was easy to follow and made sense. Now my office is up and running with everything in place and even a few extras. I couldn't have done it with him. Thank you, Keith!!"

Manjul Dixit MD Atherton Allergists (retired)

"I really appreciate all the insights and help you gave me!"

Brian Williams M.D. Williams Dermatology

"PMM has been instumental in shaping our practice. Without any hesitation, we highly recommend PMM to anyone starting or needing help with medical office practice management. Their information is vital to staying on the right track for success."

Paul Kim M.D.

"I would like to thank you for help in preparing me for private practice. Their thoroughness and professionalism -from the purchase of the practice to the start-up information provided- have made the transition from employee to owner less onerous than anticipated. I would highly recommend PMM."

Kevin May M.D. May Eye Care

"I have worked with Keith Borglum twice over the years.  He is at the top of his profession with his understanding of the medical market and practice start-up needs.  After nine years in practice, I just opened my own practice and I couldn't imagine having gotten the doors open and the place functioning so well right off-the-bat without his services."

Karin Harp MD Apex Dermatology

"Prior to the one day consult with Keith Borglum, I knew absolutely nothing about starting a practice, other than I wanted to do it.  After the one day consult, I knew exactly what was needed to be done as a result of the extremely comprehensive meeting and resources Keith provided.  Opening a practice was still the hardest thing I have ever done, but well worth it.   I am now my own boss in a steadily growing practice.  I highly recommend meeting with Keith if you are considering opening your own practice.

Samuel Park MD

"PMM's in-depth practice analysis was invaluable to us when bringing a new physician on-board to our busy and growing practice. PMM's expertise in medical practice management served to give us a clear and accurate assessment of the details and management of our new arrangement. We are pleased to recommend PMM to anyone needing detailed and comprehensive evaluation of their medical practice."

J. Timothy Murphy M.D.

"I recently sold my Family Practice. My consultant was Keith Borglum. My experience was excellent in every way. First, I found a medical practice broker here in Texas; with fancy offices, a big team, and a very fancy price. Then my prospective-buyer found Keith; and it’s one of the things I liked about her: she shopped until she found excellent quality at an excellent price. We both knew of Keith from the many articles he’d written in the AAFP Family Practice Management journal, and we talked to him by phone. He convinced us that he could do a good job without seeing the practice, to keep our costs down without a visit, and would walk us through the myriad details that needed to be addressed. If we still had questions at the end, we could take the data we had collected with his help and present it for review to the high-priced firm, paying them only to render an opinion on work he’d already done. We ended up just accepting Keith’s valuation, because he asked us for so much detail that we both knew, by the end, we’d discussed and agreed on everything.

With the wisdom of Solomon, never taking sides, Keith would always find a solution that we could agree on. He charged by the hour, and he charged far less than the big brokerage firm, or either of our lawyers.

Keith was always prompt, professional, calm, kind and gentle. He clearly knew his job and had done it many times before. His manner inspired confidence. Every case is different, and your mileage may vary, as they say, but you may absolutely rely on what this man says. I recommend him HIGHLY."

Steve Watson, MD, Texas (retired)

"With the state of affairs that medicine is in, I accepted a position where I will be faculty at a Family Practice Residency, and I am thrilled. I am at such peace with closing my practice and how it all went down with integrity and dignity. I appreciate all the input you gave me as well. I so admire you for the career you have chosen!"


"WOW! Your appraisal report was amazing. It was a pleasure to read. I ended up buying the practice for very near the value you quoted. The seller ended up getting anther appraiser's opinion and they commented that your work was excellent and proposed a value very close to the one you suggested. I also used the appraisal to help secure a loan from the bank. They too were impressed with the quality and conclusions, and I was approved quickly. So now I am the happy new owner of my own practice. Things are going well."

Patrick O'Neal M.D.

"Keith Borglum from PMM was a tremendous help in facilitating the sale of my pediatric occupational therapy private practice in 2017.  Keith communicated the details of how the process works from my initial contact with him on the phone, and he continued to care about how things were progressing with the sale of my practice by regularly checking in with me via email. I am thrilled with the outcome, selling my practice in just under 4 months.   I have already recommended him to many of my professional colleagues."

Jenny Clark OT, (retired)

"Thanks so much for your help in the court proceedings last month! Judge B stated later that she found your testimony very useful and helpful."


"In two days our consultant was able to go from knowing nothing about our group practice to being able to present us with a comprehensive and practical list of 28 practice modifications. We definitely got our money's worth."

Ray Brady, M.D. Allergy Asthma and Dermatology Associates

"Very very impressive and well done report, thank you for your work."

Bruce Levin DPM , A-Z Footcare


"After studying your appraisal, I don't have any questions. I found your narratives to be very informative, and came away feeling like I had just been through a crash course in applied economics. Thank you again for the quick turnaround!"

Executor for the Estate of GW MD

"We’ve read your appraisal report and concur with your methodology and determined value. I’m using your appraisal report in the IRS estate tax return preparation"


"I found myself in a somewhat desperate situation to sell my father’s allergy practice when he became terminally ill. Keith Borglum not only drafted a comprehensive valuation of the practice, but also provided invaluable information and advice about the processes involved. He made a seemingly overwhelming situation logical and do-able. And, he was incredibly supportive and kind along the way. I’m very indebted to him and would recommend him without reservation.

Tahlia Spector MD

"Keith has been an incredible resource for us here at the bank."

Stephen Curtis, Bank of America Western Medical Division Regional Manager

"As an attorney, I retained Keith Borglum as my practice valuation expert in a partnership dispute between two allergists. In contrast to Keith -who performs practice valuations and acts as a broker on a full-time basis- the other side's expert was a local CPA whom had valued less than a dozen medical practices over the course of 20 years. By the time Keith finished his direct testimony, there was no question in anyone's mind which witness was the real expert. Not only did Keith do an excellent job helping me present his opinions on direct examination, his criticism of the opposing expert's valuation was presented in a straightforward manner that was devastatingly effective. On cross-examination, I felt Keith handled himself very well. He conceded what needed to be conceded in order to maintain his credibility, but otherwise defended his opinions in a respectful but authoritative manner - and without being overly argumentative. I would recommend Keith as an expert without hesitation in any case in which the value of a medical practice is in question."

Kurt F. Vote
Chair, Litigation Practice Group
McCormick, Barstow

"My experience with Professional Management and Marketing and specifically with Keith Borglum was eye opening. The report that I got about the appraisal for a buy-in allowed me to make a very confident and informed decision. The aspect that I was most pleased about was the fact that he not only produced the report, but also gave me his honest and personal appreciation of the business I was about to join. I am positive that this consultation has been some of the best money spent in my professional career".

Juan Carlos Rodriguez, M.D.

"I consulted with Keith Borglum for a forensic appraisal of my chiropractic practice as a key aspect of a divorce settlement. His assessment was extremely thorough, well researched, and documented. His conclusions and final valuation were clear and well supported, and so-sound that both my -and the opposing- counsel accepted his valuation without further conflict, and enabled the negotiation process to move forward. I was very pleased with his expertise and professionalism and have the highest regard for his services".

Dr S, D.C.

"I have been VERY satisfied with his work; repeatedly, in litigation in high-profile cases. He has been responsive, and keeps his time commitments. His reports and analysis are clear and supported with thorough research." I recommend him to other attorneys.

Lionel Levin, attorney
Levin, Margolin & Itzkowitz, Beverly Hills CA

"Absolutely use me for a reference."

David L. Blacker, divorce attorney on a chiropractic case

"I am growing at a rate that I am very happy with – I have had the time to troubleshoot all the various start-up issues along the way without it being too overwhelming."

Donna Kirchoff MD, Behavioral Pediatrician,

"Thanks for the consultation. It was exactly what I was looking for in order to assess the practice among the other opportunities I have."

Colin Kopes-Kerr MD

"Thanks again for all of your wisdom!  I have had an amazing start-up journey with major thanks to you.."

Tess Washington MD Doctor Tess of Beverly Hills

"They have provided advice and guidance in developing and executing a formal business plan, organizing the structure of the practice, hiring assistants, identifying a target population and producing an effective marketing strategy. They have continued to offer ongoing support as the practice evolves and changes."

Jennifer Beck MD

"WOW! That's all I can say. Your management report was amazing. It was a pleasure to read"

Patrick O'Neal M.D.

"Thanks Keith, money well spent. I'm super excited to put all the training in place and get things started. Thanks again for being so flexible and working with my limited schedule. I won't hesitate to recommend your services, and I'll look forward to working with you in the future."

Jake Hollingsworth MD

"Thanks for all your guidance on my recent practice start-up. The structure you provided was key in getting many parts 'right' the first time. I am now into my own practice and doing well. I cannot thank you enough for your time and knowledge prior to my start-up!"

Todd Davis MD, Elmurst Dermatology

"Keith Borglum made a presentation to our 16-doctor ophthalmology group regarding marketing and practice-building. He made this one of the best retreats we have ever had. Everyone left energized and with a list of items that could be done short-term and long-term. We have put many of his ideas to work and are very pleased with the results"

Joyce Arend, Administrator for
Oregon Eye

"I am grateful for all your support in my new career adventure!"

Dr W

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful consultation yesterday. We garnered an incredible amount of information and benefited from your expertise. It was one of the best investments that I have made for my new practice!"

Renee Cobos, M.D., FAAD Premiere Dermatology

"PMM was instrumental in helping me negotiate my first contract. Keith took his time and patiently explained what was a completely new language to me. We went through the contract several times, but I never was made to feel ignorant for having to ask repeated questions. I really felt that they were extremely helpful in navigating an area in which I had very little understanding."

Kayvan Keyhani M.D.

"Thank you for a wonderful day yesterday. Not only was it incredibly helpful, it was fun, too!"

Elisa Song M.D.
Whole Family Wellness

"Your advice has been extremely valuable."

Gil Smolin MD (retired)

"Thank you very much for your assistance in selling my practice to my associate. You may use me a a reference anytime!"

Walter Sonntag MD (retired)

"I am now in what is proving to be a very successful merger, meeting our expectations with no real surprises. I feel indebted to PMM for helping us to create a framework that has proven to be well tailored to our needs. I higly recommend PMM."

Lee Shahinian Jr., M.D

"I've been very pleased with the services provided. I found them to be extremely professional. Their method helped me immensely."

Richard M. Auld, M. GI Associates

"I am grateful for your help...during the time that we were setting up our merger. As we follow your guidelines...I feel that we have a solid method for evaluating the stability of our business."

Mary Berg, M.D. (retired)

"I gladly recommend PMM to anyone who is looking into gettting valuable insight into their practice. Keith has always promptly responded to my questions about practice management when I needed it. He is very hospitable and thorough."

Diana Nguyen MD Petaluma Aesthetics

"With Keith's help we have set new productivity records for 17 months straight. This was done in a time of extreme competition. I recommend Professional Management and Marketing's services to any doctor interested in having a smoother more profitable practice."

Wayne L. Campbell, M.D. (retired)  

"PMM assisted me... in opening my practice. I would recommend them without reservation. I found (them) invaluable on many levels."

Jeffrey Sugarman MD Redwood Family Dermatology

"PMM has been readily available to answer questions and offer suggestions in the sale of my practice. I have been very pleased with their work and encourage other practice owners who need consult with PMM early on in the process."

Joan Gregg RPT (retired)

"PMM provided a comprehensive analysis and valuation of the practice we acquired. They always acted professionally, enthusiastically, and were attentive to my specific needs. They provided me with a wealth of practical ideas and consultation in all the major areas of practice management. They are true experts in their field."

Eitan Homa MD Dermatology Associates of the Bay Area

"We were almost detered from opening our practice by the overwhelming pitfalls that seemed to loom ahead. With able and helpful counseling by PMM, we were guided past the pitfalls... with the confidence to launch out on our own. Without reservation we offer our recommendation for the services of PMM and its able staff."

Joseph Mayo MD (retired)

"He performed a full day analysis, and his day was non-stop from the time he arrived until he departed. It was immediately evident that he knew his business. During the individual interviews he gained the trust of all employees and they felt comfortable to speak freely about their concerns and opinions. He honored their confidences. We feel he set us on the right course. We highly recommend PMM."

Donna Libal, Administrator Homer Medical Clinic

"I believe that these services have been of genuine helpfulness in these changing times of medical economics and practice patterns and I would recommend his services."

Joseph G. Clendenin, M.D.(retired)

"His counseling and expertise have helped greatly with our merger. I have renewed my enthusiasm for private practice. Our internal medicine group is functioning well. This could not have been accomplished without his assistance."

William R. DeWolf, M.D.

"I was always impressed with your organization and your ability to keep a focus on the primary issues of importance. The efficiency and friendliness of your office staff has been most impressive and I have found you to be exceedingly accessible and available. Thanks to your emphasis, I have learned the importance of the business aspects of this endeavor and have been able to focus on the key management issues without a marked distraction from patient care. Your expert input has been deeply appreciated."

Joel S. Erickson, M.D. Santa Rosa Cardiology, and Laser Light

"...your consultation to our office was valuable. Your concept allowed us to understand the reasons for your recommendation and gave us the necessary prodding to put them into practice."

Daniel R. Lacey, M.D. (deceased)

"...extremely effective in improving the practice in all aspects. Very effective in personnel management and has been invaluable in obtaining highly qualified personnel. I unconditionally recommend PMM."

Jerome G. Morgan, Jr., M.D. (retired)

"The primary benefit I experienced was the ready availability of information, answers to my questions and knowledge and experience in regards to the anticipated results of any action or approach to change. They helped insure that the changes actually took place and produced results. I am pleased with the results."

Horace B. Newhard, M.D. (retired)

"...demonstrated ability to analyze the problems or deficiencies and to arrive at the solution to correct the deficiencies in my practice.,vast experience and knowledge in the art of practice management, personnel and marketing. I was very pleased."

Pracha Pises, M.D.

"When I was first introduced to PMM, I was working and not generating much revenue. Although Keith couldn't train me in radiology or ophthalmology, he was quite helpful. I feel that I learned a great deal. I feel that PMM would be quite helpful to any doctors."

David A. Price, M.D., Endocrinologist

"Thanks for providing the appraisal in a timely manner!!!"

Amelia Kaymen MD, Presidio Dermatology

"Thanks and appreciation for the fine efforts. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to professional colleagues."

David J. Quenelle, M.D. Santa Rosa Head and Neck Surgery

"...was helpful facilitating improvements in my practice and in our group formation."

Wade W. Sherwood, M.D., A.I.M. Medical Group

"I found Professional Management & Marketing to be of immeasurable help in tackling the numerous facets involved private practice."

Jeff Broffman, M.D

"The thoroughness of the plans and strategies developed by PMM left nothing uncovered; In fact, I have not seen the quality of services provided by PMM equaled by any other consulting firm. I highly recommend PMM to any physician or hospital."

Robert W. Thorn, St. Rose Hospital

"PMM clearly articulated unique recommendations with an excellent understanding of our particular and distinct environment, practice style, and out unique group practice culture. PMM's evaluation has been the most beneficial, professional, and most clearly presented of all the different consultants we have worked with."

Sheryl Long MD Irvine Family Care

"On behalf of the CAFP Foundation's Board of Trustees, thank you very much for your 6 years of service as Trustee, and generous financial support of the CAFP Foundation. Your perspective and contributions to our work were very highly valued."

Laura Johnson Morasch, Executive Director
California Academy of Family Physicians Foundation

Seminars & Publications

Thank you for contributing the chapter to my new book in 2017, The Three Stages of a Physician's Career. It is just excellent, and so well done.

Neil Baum MD, Physician and Author for Greenbranch Publishing

"Your talk was the best at the conference, and on point! You addressed the big issues. Sometimes a person is so right-on people don't know how to react." (for the Medical Economics Roundtable at the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants educational conference)

Tom Helling MBA, CPA, MCBA, President of Presidents Solutions Inc, Board Member of the Institute of Business Appraisers

“Thank you for the amazing work and effort that you put into the AAAAI Practice Management Workshop. It resulted in record breaking attendance in Nashville, and many positive comments from the attendees.”

Tao Le, M.D., FAAAAI, Faculty Chair AAAAI Practice Management Workshops

" You da man!"

Reed Tinsley, CPA, CVA, CFP, CHBC (2012 National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants educational conference followup)

"Keith, this presentation is so great on so many levels! It’s a cutting-edge topic, you speak to it so eloquently, and the writing and context are amazing . I can’t thank you enough. I know it’s really going to strike a chord with our readers. By the way, the QR codes piece was amazing as well—also a cutting-edge topic, and the practical advice you gave to readers was so perfect. It’s going to be on the cover of our technology supplement"

Tara Stultz, Editor-in-Chief Medical Economics Magazine

"Normally I knit during conferences to keep myself focused. During Keith's talks I didn't knit a single stitch and hung on every word. Very informative and practical. He should be cloned."

Elizabeth Friedman, M.D., FAAAAI, Faculty 2011 AAAAI Practice Management Workshops

"Wonderful, succinct and pertinent information", "He was great", "Very knowledgeable on the subject", "Especially helpful and excellent"

Attendees, American Academy of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology 2013 Practice Management Workshops

"We found your reviews to be very positve and highly rated. High level of expertise, practical material, practical advice."

Lori Foley, American Academy of Family Physicians

"On behalf of the American Academy of Dermatology, I would like to thank you once again for your years of participation as a faculty member."

Scott Dinehart, M.D., Director Practice Management Symposium for Residents

"On behalf of the NSCHBC Education Committee, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation at our Annual Meeting on the "Obama Plan". As accomplished healthcare business consultants, our audience is always trying to increase their knowledge base and learn of new developments in the business of healthcare. Your expertise was certainly appreciated by our attendees."

Rachael Shaw National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants

"Thanks for your involvement with the whole workshop. It was greatly appreciated by those who attended!! You have our unequivocal endorsement!"

Marshall Grodofsky MD,
Planning Committee & Faculty
AAAAI Practice Management Workshops

"Thank you for the fantastic talk during the AAD Resident Symposium. The entire day was rather high yield, but your talk on 'Options in Practice' was the high point for me."

Ryan Ramagosa, MD
Department of Dermatology, UOC

"...positive comments about your presentation began to pour in to my office immediately following the event. Our physicians have also commented that their employees enjoyed the presentation and seemed to be energized by your suggestions. Our compliments on your presentation."

Seminar-Communications Skills In Health Care
Barbara Harrelson
Community Hospital & Rehabilitation Center

"...exactly what I needed to hear. Excellent materials. Well prepared. I realized I wasn't alone in dealing with this."

Seminar-Finding, Hiring and Keeping Good Staff, San Francisco Medical Society

"...good established pointers to improve upon,good handouts, dynamic speakers, fast pace, covered a good amount of information, good practical examples, making us aware of the wide range of business considerations that are important, useful & pertinent information, very thorough" 92% rated material very good or excellent."

Seminar-Managing an Established Practice, Marin Medical Society

"...interesting and well prepared. Stimulated self assessment..I enjoyed it all fresh ideas well organized."

Seminar-Managing Your Practice, Napa County Medical Society

"Your CME session received rave reviews from participants. Your programs are always of high quality, and you receive excellent evaluations from attendees."

Susan Hogeland, Executive Director, California Academy of Family Physicians

"Your presentations were excellent, please mark your calander to return next year"

Linda Campbell, American Academy of Dermatology & Westwood Squibb

"Practical, many good insights, extremely helpful, this was excellent."

Arizona Academy of Family Physicians

"Interesting and well prepared."

Tom Paukert MD, Napa County Medical Society

"Speakers very knowledgeable, precise information."

Marin Medical Society

"Very current information and material; articulate, well organized, informative."

Jerry Rogan MD, President ACCMA Chapter-CAFP

"Good, practical information."

Phyllis Senter MD, REMGI IPA

"Fresh ideas, well organized."

Alvin Block MD, Queen of the Valley Hospital

"Great ideas supported by a comprehensive outline; stimulating and informative"

Karen Sollar, President-Elect, Northern California Medical Group Management Association


Mark Thomas MD, Palm Drive Hospital seminar

"Speaker is very knowledgeable with good insights"

Linda May, Physician Support Services, Hoag Hospital

"Knowledgeable speaker: plenty of information and materials"

Michael Huff MD, St. John's Regional Medical Center

"superb presentation!"

Dominador Gines MD, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

"A five star seminar! Loaded with new information, very usable and delivery was excellent!"

Jan Long, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital